Are there any anarchist collectives offering hosting for things like mastodon and email?

@gekitsu Probably riseup, though I've since heard some weird shit about it, which, once again, my memory fails to provide specifics on. @liaizon

@pettter @gekitsu @liaizon
Riseup are great. The only problem is, there was one time they didn't send their annual canary which means they must have had a search by a federal agency or something they'd get in trouble for talking about.
But iirc they followed it up with a statement that they found no data breaches in their system afterwards.

@anarchiv @pettter @gekitsu @liaizon also snopyta, disroot, has a list. dismail. not strictly anarchists, but sympathetic. / riseup r very good, pity they are US based tho.

@anarchiv @pettter @gekitsu @liaizon apart from riseup and disroot, i don’t know the org/specific politics of the ones i mentioned is all.

@anarchiv @pettter @gekitsu @liaizon Wikipedia claims it was because of two warrants from the FBI.

I guess that's always going to be possible if they stay based in the US.

@gekitsu @pettter those are great options, but I’m more mean hosting a custom domain and custom service for a new group of people

@liaizon they're welcome here but I think the "main" instance for this that I know is

@liaizon anyone who hosts on the fediverse is an anarchist
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