Hello world, posting from @elementary OS for the first time!

@matt @liaizon @elementary I love testing out distros, but Elementary is one I've never tried. I need to get round to testing it out. I think the problem was that it rose to fame quite quickly, I prefer testing unknown distros

@kevie @liaizon I used to use Crunchbang Linux back in the day. That was nice. Have you ever tried it?

@matt @liaizon yes, I did run it as my daily driver back in the day for a couple of years. It's a shame that @corenominal (as he was on didn't keep the project going. But it is a big commitment and TBH he never really intended it to become as big as it did

@matt @liaizon I thought I had reviewed Crunchbang on a very early episode of TuxJam and it turns out I reviewed it in episode 2. This is back in the days I did the podcast on my own, be warned this will be s little "rough round the edges" 😂 cc @thelovebug @mcnalu

@kevie @matt @liaizon @mcnalu I used Crunchbang back in the day, that's how I got to meet corenominal. I have elementaryOS running on my studio PC (which wasn't the best choice I ever made, as it's not really suited to my audio workflow), but I do love it for its simplicity and beautiful design. I first heard about elementary _well_ before its release because its design concepts were being used in other places.

@liaizon I'd hold off on using it too much if I were you. Elementary OS 6 is just around the corner and you'll probably have to reinstall to upgrade to it.

You could also move your /home folder to a separate partition to avoid that

@aadil will probably install a few different distros to test out anyway

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