Hell yeah I got this dumpstered PC to boot by swapping the ram slots.

I couldn’t figure out why the Internet wasn’t working on it and it turns out my router had been unplugged, I was just fucking around with it for like 20 minutes before I checked the power cable of my router lol

@elementary ok I have tried the install twice now and it has not worked. The live “cd” seems to work great tho. Installing again hmm

@liaizon that’s awesome. A few years ago somebody gave me a “broken” computer. turns out the ribbon cable had come loose from the hard drive. plugged it back in and it worked! it’s now my main server 😄

@liaizon @elementary I can probably troubleshoot you until 2:30 UTC

Did you disable secure boot? Did you configure the computer to boot as BIOS, UEFI, or both?

@af @elementary I got it! I’m not sure what was going on but it worked the third time I tried it.

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