Anyone have a recommendation for a friend to read/watch who’s new to the idea of capitalism = bad?

They actually believe in ethical/green capitalism and I have tried really hard to explain why I think that’s a trick and the wrong path but my words are coming off as critical to their world view so I think they just dismiss what I am saying. They need some “authority” in the subject to look to to understand why capitalism is a sinkhole of despair

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@liaizon the most ethical form of capitalism is a horizontally regulated open market between mutualist communes.

- Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine
- Herman & Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent
- Fromm's Escape from Freedom
- Kropotkin's Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings
- Bookchin's Modern Crisis
- Goodman's Drawing the Line

And if more philosophical angles resonate for this person, I think Guy Debord and Henri Lefebvre offer interesting perspectives on the oppressive manufactured culture of capitalism.

@liaizon oh and above all reading Marx is kind of the big game changer. The Communist Manifesto is obv most accessible but if they don't feel like that or sifting through Capital, Peter Singer has a good cliff notes kind of book on Karl Marx. The Hegel one is also good, and I feel like a rudimentary understanding of Hegel's main ideas are helpful for contextualizing revolutionary movent through a philosophical lens.

@luxpris I appreciate your recommendations but I think this person is gonna need to start wayyyy more beginner level then any of these suggestions. I am thinking more like wikihow sized. I don’t think they read books...

@liaizon ahhhh or a really good explanatory video maybe?

The easiest ones on my list would be the Singer book on Karl Marx and Communist Manifesto. Imo Shock Doctrine reads like a high speed thriller but maybe that's just because I'm always slogging through extremely painful books. Haha.

That's all I've got! Best of luck. It's huge when people question default modes of operation.

@liaizon specifically regarding "green capitalism" a good one is Forget Shorter Showers - - in looking up the link i found it was adapted as a short film also, which may be easier to digest, idk

@liaizon Are you and that person defining "capitalism" the same way? I find a different people mean such different things by it that the word inhibits rather than facilitates communication.

The 4-part #documentary series by #AdamCurtis, #TheCenturyOfTheSelf, is very good at showing how we've been conditioned from #citizen to #consumer with so-called #infinateNeeds. See our previous hashtagged post for the link.

#PlanetOfTheHumans shows the #WallStreet side of #greenWashing. See "PlayStation 2 Wars" articles also.

See rare articles in TheGuardian about the #sandMafia that underpins the #upNotOut #highrise #overdevelopment and the moguls like #Trump, they produce.

@dsfgs @zzz century of self is great. I guess I should have been more specific in my request. I need super short form easy to digest content to pull this person in.

@liaizon @dsfgs @zzz hmmm try combing through some Richard Wolff videos? Might be what you need.

@liaizon @dsfgs

Both pieces are refer to are short essays. I like them as getting people in the right mindset.

Just yesterday we heard a great 20 minute interview with an #anthropoligist #JamesSuzman author of (from the website) ‘Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time’. He discusses how work as we know it is really a modern concept that didn’t exist until recently, the #capitalist global #economy and how it forces people into unfulfilling work, why we may need to look to our #hunterGatherer past to rebuild and reshape our economies post-coronavirus, why the…(2/3)


(3/3)… why the hunter-gatherer attitude to work may be more beneficial when it comes to #sustainability, #fulfilment from work and much more.

12 minutes or so in:

Does't touch on the #technoFix follies though. For that you need POTHumans we mentioned above.


I quite like diagram illustrating just how rediculously severe wealth inequality currently is:

In terms of fiction, The Red Panda (essentially canadian Batman) often remarks on how it isn't right for him to be a billionaire especially in the middle of The Great Depression:

I doubt fiction would convince your friend, but it could be a good way to introduce the concept.

@zethra that’s actually a good idea. I love contrapoints.

@liaizon I would recommend some watching of Koyaanisqatsi, Darwin's Nightmare and Surplus: Terrorised into being Customers.

Then some movies like: Margin Call, The Big Short, También la lluvia, Lord of War

I'd be interested in knowing introductory texts. There are none I could think of right now, but and, with! in mind.

Good selections!

I've watched Koyaanisqatsi, that might do it all by itself. Need to check out Darwin's Nightmare and También la lluvia.

Thanks for rising to the occasion.

This might also be useful for an intro text:

Whatcha think, @yala ?

@bhaugen @liaizon Yeah, tryin' to stay afloat. Am returning to the computational everyday, as usual.

To be frank, as a pacifist, I cannot learn a lot from hate. But at the basis, we share the same fundamental inconvenience with the state of affairs.

Koyaanisqatsi - My second viewing of this was on the big screen, with Phillip Glass ensemble performing the live score. Quite something
@yala @liaizon

@liaizon I was talking today with a friend who said they didn't understand why people talk about destroying capitalism when "it's just about greed and unfairness," I'm also curious for recommendations but I did send them that counterpoints video starting at 4:56 (less jargony moment)

@liaizon both of Naomi Klein's books, "Shock Doctrine", and "This Changes Everything", have documentary counterparts. I would recommend the latter.

@liaizon I’m reading “How to be Anticapitalist in the 21st Century”, recommend it so far

@liaizon Non-intellectual materials can be Machines ( and the gigantic classic Germinal

@liaizon (I dunno how long it's been since I first heard that quote but I think it made something click for me)

@liaizon The Corporation ( ),

also looking forward to see their follow up The *new* Corporation which releases Friday the 13th, i think will be critiquing the green washing of capitalism from the last 20 years!


Not a reading recommendation exactly but the realization that “green capitalism” still requires the exploitation of indigenous and colonized peoples was an aha moment for me

@liaizon "the corporation" movie. any naomi klein book. any michael moore movie
@liaizon also "money as debt" full movie on the youtubes
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