So I currently have enough money now to buy a new laptop. I don’t believe in buying new things unnecessarily either. Do you have a 13 inch or smaller laptop that will run Linux well and still have usable battery life that you want to sell me?! Please boost! Would love to buy a laptop from the fediverse.

@kurusukono I don’t think I can do bigger then 13” because I got used to the form factor of my XPS

@liaizon @kurusukono I highly recommend the ThinkPad X220 or X230, which are 13", but I don't have a spare one to sell you. I don't recommend the X240, because it has flimsy trackpad buttons. I haven't used a newer ThinkPad yet.

@liaizon @kurusukono I never noticed it until now. Looking at it, I'm pretty sure it's because the trackpad is centered on the g/h keys, so centered on your hand position when touch typing. Also so the buttons are in the right place when you are using the keyboard clit.

@liaizon You likely need to define 'well' here. I.e. what would you wish to do with it? Do you need 32gb of ram to run an editor written in Electron? Do you need to run virtual machines, and thus need hardware support for that? Do you need to avoid nvidia to run sway and wayland? etc.

(I would imagine that any of the laptops I have that fit my definition of 'well' would be more costly in shipping than finding one closer to you.)

@mjd I had a 2017 13” XPS that I just fried. Need something at least as good if not better. It being small and light and having good battery life is more important to me then cpu speeds or maxed out ram. Will mostly use it for internet though would like to get blender running on it in some capacity.

@liaizon I almost mentioned blender (:

I don't have any units that fit that profile; 2017 is a bit "new" for me (: I did have one, but a friend had a similar issue with their laptop and ... off it went...

I'm sure you know the local recycling places near you that I would hit up to find something. If not, I wonder if Re-PC in C attle is still... I should not visit, but I ... will now, because "nostalgia" for C attle (:


I have an asus eee pc 1005hab

It's 32bit, but runs very well. The battery works well, but it was never designed to get more than about 2.5 hours of life.

@liaizon oh, just saw your reply. Mine will definitely not do. I'll just boost.

@herag had to look this one up. Sorta cute little puppy. What do you want for it? I think it’s probably a bit too slow for me

@liaizon it is a lot less powerful than your old computer. I don't know how much shipping would be, but in the end if I could get $35 out of it, I'd be super happy. That's how much I put into it with a new battery and charger about a year ago.

@liaizon How new do you need, and how much battery life do you need? I have a first or second gen Lemur from System76 that's been in storage for about 5 years. Last I tried, it was perfectly functional but not snappy.

@bouncinglime oh wow that might be perfect! How much do you want for it? Could you give me the model so I can look at what the specs are?

@liaizon huh it seems to have been largely erased from the internet; this is the best I can find quickly :

Model is technically "lemu1" but seems to now be known as "ultrathin" (which it is NOT).

The battery life was down to ~20 minutes, so it's got an Alibaba one that I think I remember lasting about 90 minutes? It's been so long since I've used it, though.

Currently stored with parents in WV, so I'd have to get it to me in CA to wipe before sending.

@liaizon would likely take at least two weeks to be shipping-ready so I understand if you need something faster

@liaizon Cost of shipping, both to me then to you... probably $150 - $200 with insurance and tracking? I'm really not sure, it's been forever since I shipped a machine.

@liaizon I have a 11.6" x140e. It has an HDD (not SSD) and holds 50% of its battery. I'm in the process of moving to a new thinkpad, and would be happy for the old fella to have a new loving linuxy home.

@liaizon I can't sell you one, but if you need to go used I can't recommend the Thinkpad x230 highly enough. Solid build quality (one exception I'll mention), lightweight, and Thinkpads have always done well with Linux. Look into TLP and optimize your battery for long life. Get an mSATA card and chuck it in there so you've got a solid state device for booting and a spare slot for another drive. They run cheap now, should find a used for maybe $200.

I don't have anything to sell, but the Thinkpad x230 is fantastic. It's about 12", has a great keyboard, ~5 hours on a new battery, and can be found pretty affordably on Ebay. I got mine refurbished for just over $100

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