I’m giving an introduction to the fediverse today as a part of:

De-platform-ization, Ethics and Alternative Social Media

The (livestreamed) event starts at 18:00CET and I go on at 19:35

(if your reading this here you probably don’t need a fediverse introduction but maybe it will make you laugh when I get something mixed up)

Oh and @lidia_p and @ccl are also giving a talk about Varia (the group behind before me at 18:40

I think all the fedi folx present at the live steam were: @titi @tobbsn @lidia_p @ccl @orx

@liaizon Is that fediverse map live somewhere? I vaguely remember having seen something a long time ago...

@liaizon @lidia_p @ccl is it going to be recorded? I don't think I'll be able to see it live, and it's very relevant to my interests.

I recorded my talk but have to somehow resync it with the slides I made, I will upload it on peertube when I get the chance... @rysiek @lidia_p @ccl

@˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗ Nice, I'm interested in the recording too, if you don't mind. Thanks!

@liaizon @ccl small correction: Varia is not the group behind There are some overlaps, however.

Looking forward!

oh sorry I didn't actually realize that. so varia doesn't have its "own" instance then, just many of its members are lurkers? @lidia_p @ccl

@liaizon @ccl yes, precisely. and the overlaps between varia and post.lurk are that @rra is admin and moderator and I am also a moderator.

@liaizon Thanks for the presentation! The Fedi rocks :)

ahhh you watched it @titi? that was sorta my first attempt to do a presentation like that I was so scared I would mess it up

@liaizon It’s always nice to hear someone to talk about the Fedi :) And you did it very well! Thanks again!

@liaizon @tobbsn @lidia_p Hello fedizens! We (our node) are not federating so well… I cannot mention some of you. Sorrys ;)

@liaizon @titi @tobbsn @lidia_p @ccl @fragmentscenario

Thank you all. I am very happy to meet you 😃
I am just sad we could not discuss more together, somebody had to be silent all the time and I cannot stay with you in some imaginative mind-sharing space forever... 😉

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