@liaizon smells hypocritical and I can’t believe i’m typing this but OTOH having non-profits take on this fight feels imbalanced. Like, at least their lawyer offices have similar amounts of cubicles.

@cryptix I mean it would be great if this made them both look really bad (they are) and both took action to open the fuck up but we know that ain’t gonna happen so then what now?

@cryptix also check out this weird fucking interview where it looks like zuck is on speed youtu.be/B9xzhiSGyV0

@liaizon hah..! I assumed amphetamines were considered good form by now, looking at the current farting president that is

@liaizon also 2nd time I can’t believe I’m writing smth and it’s not even 10am over here. At least I spared us a doped up hitler joke.

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