anyone heard from @neauoire? I see they are at sea but its been 20 days since their last post here.

@liaizon @neauoire they'll be offline for probably another four weeks, they're in the mid of the ocean:

@npisanti @neauoire no satellite phone this time? I remember last time they crossed there were occasional updates.

@liaizon @npisanti @neauoire They have one but apparently this time they had a massive bill to get a plan, so it's probably being used as little as possible so that they don't incur any extra charges.

@drisc @npisanti @neauoire thanks for the info. I got a little worried when I noticed it had been 20 days since last post. Unlike them.

@liaizon @npisanti @neauoire They will probably be out for another 20-25 days at least, it's pretty cool that they are doing the entire crossing in one go this time.

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