Do I need some special software to get photos of my compact flash card in my Canon camera on Linux? I am used to using a mac and I realized I always just open image capture but thats an apple app...

@liaizon should just be FAT formatted,. that's how my canon worked.

@moonman where does it show up tho? no icon in Gnome Files that I see

@moonman yeah thats how it works on windows, though it doesnt do that on mac, I have to use Image Capture...

@liaizon Pardon me, but if you don't have much experience in Linux, you may be unable to access to the contents in your SD card because you haven't installed exFAT (fuse) or NTFS (ntfs-3g) support.

Which distribution do you use?

I am indeed newly moved to Linux. Hfs+ drives show up fine without having to install anything so it's interesting that this one did not. I'm on NixOS

@liaizon For example, with OpenBSD I mount an exFAT drive with mount.exfat-fuse(8).

So (as by default OpenBSD is using doas and not sudo for root privileges) I type:

$ whatis exfat
> mount.exfat-fuse(8) - mount an exFAT file system

$ doas mount.exfat-fuse /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sd_card

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