Is there such a thing already as conlanging or conworlding but for types of media or file formats and if so whats it called or how do I find people who are into this?

I have been thinking about tiny marbles that have tiny groves in them so you can play them like a record

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this was also sort of on my mind I am glad someone made one: recording tiny samples onto magnetic cards. you could store your sample library as a deck of playing cards...

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@liaizon Sounds like some weird format you'd see on TechMoan

@slimeblob oh I have watched every episode of those. I was actually watching this when I remembered this wish of mine...

@slimeblob I really love the idea of postcard records and want to bring them back...

@liaizon I had the one from McDonalds, where they did the contest and sang a tongue twister and if they made it all the way through, you were a winner.
@liaizon Yep; would listen to it on my sister's turntable. (ours wasn't a winner)
@liaizon I was so young I don't really remember, but I think they came in either a magazine or newspaper, or maybe they came with certain McDonalds orders. But I remember them being flimsy/paper like, similar to the postcards.

Yeah it's a flexi-disk. They use to come in magazines. I had a whole bunch of national geographic that had animal sound flexi disks in them.

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