things I want:
- an ebook reader (open book prefered)
- a phone/pocketable device capable of installing linux on
- a greencard for living in europe

@liaizon I have been wanting a good open ebook reader for so long now, as well. Nothing on the market is *quite* there

@acdw honestly I could probably be happy with just a 5" eink screen that I can send a list of pages to from my phone

@liaizon Someone is working on an open hardward ebook reader ( (and they're on the fediverse somewhere).

(BTW Europe has a “Green Card” system.. it's to show that you have driving insurnace in one country that covers other countries so you can drive there) 😂

There's a reason I mentioned open book preferred :)

@liaizon for linux phone, there is the project. uses patches from them to port #NixOS to mobile devices, if you like to use that :)

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