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Today has transferred the burden of admin to me (temporarily) while the process of distributing the responsibility continues. Sunbeam will not be shut down...

Please spread the word that SBC is not being shut down. And no one needs to scramble to save their content as it is not being deleted.

@liaizon you're awesome for volunteering to do this ☀️

@aadil Just didn't want to see peoples fedi homes blown up, have lots of friends on sbc

@liaizon I'm active in the tech group for, if you want any support/collaboration/cooperation on that kind of stuff, I'm up for it.

@liaizon @tty see the above post re sunbeam; it's not shutting down ^

@liaizon @puffinus_puffinus do you know the status of Is it only temporarely broken? Should it be removed from this list of open instances?

@davidak its been broken for a long time. yeah it should be removed from the list of open instances.

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