The plot thickens.
Metrics show that you care 10 times more about Muh Games than Xpub..

What is 55 Tabs of Stuff?

@cmos4040 lol. Well done, I was wondering if someone would actually bring up this issue :) Sadly though usually less tabs in my setup means that I more frequently work in the group and therefore clean it more often... Muh Games is a very dusty mess of things I still haven't had time to check out/process/read/etc. Stuff is stuff, all sorts of stuff, I should probably get rid of it, it's a bit of a blackhole. "oh this is interesting, I'd love to learn more about this one day *moves tab to stuff*".

@320x200 I always feel kinda left out (softwareFOMO) when people discuss their online interest saving struggles.
I barely have tabs open, I don't bookmark, I regularly delete browser history completely.

I live in the now, like an browserbuddhist

@cmos4040 yeah, was a bit like that for a while, only using uzbl.org to browse. I think the Stuff group is def FOMO triggered, but for the rest, I really enjoy the context switching and abusing tabs as temp bookmarks while working on something.

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