"Robot" comes from the Czech "robota", roughly meaning "slave labour"

@xj9 artificial intelligence is trying so very hard

@liaizon its a losing game, once they're smart enough to do our jobs it won't be ethical to enslave them.

@xj9 this seems like an important message that should be repeated often.


if they can't see it already, they'll only learn from experience. really i'm not opposed to a robot uprising.

@liaizon I haven't re-read R.U.R. in a while, I should remedy that...

@liaizon Ha! Amusing idea, though I'd probably quickly lose the few follows I have.

Now, this does give me an idea for something to do with my Blender 3D project... Hmmmm.

@greyduck @liaizon your lose some you gain some. I wouldn't worry about it.

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