There is a new project to make a DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

my request for support in got an answer from the dev and they seem keen! thanks @sl007 for joining in too! and @pinkprius for finding it. If this could could actually happen I think it would be a great addition to the fediverse and to the open internet we all crave...

@liaizon It looks really good 👍 It's easy to use without the need for an account and it's completely free of third-party shit 👍 I love it 😍

Hm, also the language aspects can be federated for enhancing an AP object with collaborative translation (contentMap, nameMap, summaryMap etc) and then we would define an accept / reject flow …

@sl007 that would be seriously awesome. Also tapping into the 1000s of cultures already on the fediverse has an incredible potential for shared leaning

@sl007 @nipos I added an issue on the repo about AP support would love if yall would add your thoughts on it.

@liaizon @sl007 I don't know what I should add to the topic but I gave you a upvote.

@liaizon I don't get why we need something new when there's already Anki which is a standard for spaced repetition, with a lot of free and open source apps and decks?

@lertsenem have you looked at the anki app lately? its developed in 1990s style. its much easier to start a new project then try to modernize that code. The course material could definitely be reused though and that could use an issue filed.

@liaizon I use the AnkiDroid app and I honestly find it better than Duolingo, with statistics, the possibility to learn more than just new languages, adjusting the repetitions as I see fit, adding my own cards, etc. It may gain from a little UI revamp, but feature-wise I don't think it's missing much.

I hope this new soft will just be a modernized Anki client using the same cards data. Maybe add federation for easier cards exchanges? :)


I absolutely am up for helping.

I wonder if we can reach out to Bryant Knight (jan Pije) to see if we could use his lessons as a base...

@janPiteJanseke @ckeen @kensanata

Yah. That's me. I also tagged @mayel and the rest of the CommonsPub and MoodleNet team in Telegram 😎

@yaaps @mayel @liaizon So is a generic AP platform underlying MoodleNet. I think this is the first I hear of it!

@clacke @liaizon All of a sudden? As if I was a proponent of CouchDB. I think NoSQL in general is bullcrap. Which most of the time is used because it's currently trendy or was. Nobody really thinks about why you need it really.

And screw node too. Also just glue async libraries to a JavaScript interpreter and call it "innovation". Hackedy-Hack yeah!

And here what people won't read:

End of my ranting about it. I won't contribute to it, end of story. Sorry for my moment of losing it.

@liaizon oh thats actually fucking hype thanks for sharing
@liaizon why does it always have to be spanish..

looks like a very intersting project though, subscribed to the releases on github
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