:fediverse: "Suggestion: a custom URL scheme handler as a streamlined UX for cross-instance interactions on the web"

@grishka and @matt are discussing some important issues with the UX of the over on the SocialHub forum. Would love to see more progress on this front. The UX of cross instance/software interaction is quite horrible at the moment and is something we really need to move forward on. Please come give your constructive ideas here:

@liaizon As nightpool said, Mastodon had these for a while, but the browser UI was just not there to support it (which, of course, if browser makers were interested, could be fixed). Browser extensions might work a lot better, I guess.

@halcy I agree that scheme handler support in browsers pretty much sucks rn and is probably not the best way to go, but regardless we need to figure something out...

@liaizon @grishka @matt

This is one of the biggest user experience issues I see in the Fediverse right now, thank you for focusing on this.

@tchambers @grishka @matt would love to get some of the indieweb old guard in the forum giving their feedback.

@sl007 oh thanks for posting that I hadn't seen Cliqz browser yet and see they are implementing native DAT support! thats exciting...

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