I have time, energy and a platform to teach online.

Who is interested on a mid-long term #python course?

It would be paid (sorry dudes but I have to eat) but not very expensive (50-100$ i don't know yet) and I'll make it through a forum I have for that and via video lessons.

In hours it would be an equivalent to an detailed 50 or 60 hours course. We will start from the early beginnings about what's Python and end making crazy hard exercises.

Who wants?

@ekaitz_zarraga I would be interested. (might not want to use the word dudes in your post though if you want people who don't identify as dudes, like me)

@liaizon Too late.
It was something I left there because it's like it's something I say to my own mind. Not directed to the people who might attend.

I'm 100% open to any kind of person, animal, alien or whatever to enter the course as long as they have interest.


@ekaitz_zarraga I should have made two posts... Anyway. I am quite interested in the idea of taking a mentored course. When would you be teaching it?

@liaizon Next month until... it finishes (say a couple of months more).

@ekaitz_zarraga what would the format be? chat based? screen sharing?

@liaizon Mostly I'll try to put a concept to learn in the forums and some explanations or references about it. Let people think about it together and then try to guide them.

Exercises will be made too. First the students will make and then i'll solve in video lessons, explaining the interesting details.

Most of it will be a forum where all the content stays in order this lets people check the past. After the course, interesting content will be gathered and sent to the students as a backlog.

@liaizon I want people to learn the concepts rather than the specific details about stuff. That knowledge is much more reusable later.

It's a weird way to teach but if you trust me everything is going to be fine.

@ekaitz_zarraga That sounds pretty good, though I am not sure that answered the question I had. Will the classes/exercises be "live" or done on our own time? Will you be teaching in a way that you will be active in some sort of digital space that all the people learning will be asking questions together?

@liaizon your own time. I understand that there's going to be people with different needs and background so they must need some time to work.

the answer to the second question is yes: I'll be active in a forum where everybody can post questions and I'll answer them shortly in a very dynamic way. If text is not enough or the question is really interesting for all I'll record a video that answers it.

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