“Artist-researchers Roel Roscam Abbing (@rra) and Aymeric Mansoux (@320x200) likewise critique universal openness in their analysis of an emerging internet infrastructure created by and for users: the .”

starting at 11:30am today

@rra @320x200
Slide from an book and mentions of permaculture, network culture indeed

@liaizon @rra @320x200 The challenge and goal should be to push openness as far as possible, though, imo.
@liaizon @rra @320x200 I heard this sort of talk emphasizing how openness must be limited on scuttlebutt before and all it resulted in was arbitrary mobbing basically imo. (Luckily not me, someone I defended. But the system was set up that way generally. Allowing to stigmatize people without any proof whatsoever.)
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