languages shouldn't have official discord "servers" tbh.
if the discussion isn't available on a public platform, you fucked up.

@grainloom Yeah, would be nice if the userops for irc/matrix/xmpp was good enough, and perceived as good enough, that projects dare run their own without risking a maintenance burden. But when even Mozilla gave up ...

@clacke Mozilla bundles quite a bit of unnecessary crap with their browser, so I don't value their opinion quite as much as I wish I could.

@grainloom For me it turns into, "wow, Mozilla has hundreds of people and hosts these services I don't even want, but they can't even run an IRC server", which makes me think an IRC server should probably be made easier to host.

@clacke @grainloom

Is anyone on the fedi hosting an irc server? thats an interesting question, someone must be right

@liaizon @clacke Matrix and XMPP servers definitely exist, not sure about IRC

@grainloom @liaizon @clacke i once tried to come up with an out-of-the-box way to set up an xmpp server that authenticates against Mastodon accounts on the same domain so I could try and talk more masto admins into setting up xmpp but it was a huge pain that I couldn't get to work in a bolt-on way that didn't require modifying stock mastodon :(


@anna @grainloom @clacke that would be awesome I wonder if anyone else has worked on such a thing

@liaizon @clacke @grainloom @anna

pleroma can do that

cc @feld because i think he's actually used it (planned for a future iteration of ssg probably, if we don't go the LDAP route)

@xj9 @feld @grainloom @clacke @anna oh thats awesome, you know anyone who has this setup already?

@liaizon @anna @clacke @grainloom

if i recall in a previous conversation with @feld that mongooseim thing is something he uses? its like a fork of ejabberd?

@liaizon @grainloom @clacke As you can see by the replies so far, pleroma admins tend to be a bit more adventurous and willing to do this kind of thing, and making modifications to pleroma is a matter of course. most mastodon admins don't want to or aren't where they feel comfortable running something that's not stock, so i really wanted to find a bolt-on way to do it that just involved following a recipe. couldn't do it without at least modifying doorkeeper tho :(

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