@amsomniac great to hear! its only a partial selection of whats avalible too!

@Anarkat @liaizon


Like Florence, we also have a [continuous] open call for developers.

@liaizon @lidia_p @I30 @estragon

If you have any questions Re: Aardwolf I am happy to answer them :)


I certainly hope so :)
The project also has a no obligation open call for devs, and we could really use the help x3

@liaizon @I30 @estragon

@liaizon @jaywink yes, very good, thanks for calling that to my attention! next version of the poster will correct that :) btw, fediverse.party is also showing diaspora as the only adopted protocol, in case you didn't know yet: fediverse.party/en/socialhome

Thanks! That's so cool... 

Thanks! That's so cool... 

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