we shared our at the workshop and being the only one the whole time to use non cis pronouns was an interesting experience. I felt a bit like everyone was looking at me, like it was my fault we were doing that, though this is probably just insecurity on my part. I also feel proud of the fact that I held my ground and stated my they/them in a social setting where it wasn’t expected.

@liaizon about as respectful as a star trek nerd speaking klingon language in public
@liaizon people dont give a shit. You just annoy or confuse them.

@igeljaeger I wondered why so many people block I guess now I know why

@liaizon Because I voice my opinions without fear? Cower in fear children for I am the destroyer of safe spaces! :airilaugh:

Grow up
@liaizon @igeljaeger for speaking his opinions in a social context where it wasnt expected? no! you see, it's— it's NOBLE!

@igeljaeger @wowaname never used reddit, this is my home. go back to 4chan if we are all telling eachother off.

@liaizon @wowaname never used 4chan. Welcome to the fediverse, most people who come here have better reasons than being an sjw

@igeljaeger @wowaname I would wager I have been here much longer then you have, so welcome to the fediverse as well, glad to engage in such a thoughtful debate with such truth seekers

@liaizon @igeljaeger stop acting like your pronouns make a lick of difference in the real world then

@wowaname @igeljaeger stop acting like anyone cares about your shitty version of traditionalism

@liaizon @igeljaeger im a traditionalist? lol, im trans, i just dont act like words are the absolute world when theres unjust people out there locking people up, killing people, raping the defenseless, causing wars

get a reality check holy shit
@liaizon @igeljaeger this "microaggression" shit you and others bitch and moan about is quite the sentiment of "first world problems"

@wowaname @igeljaeger you are the only one here mentioning microaggressions. I was simply sharing my day on my personal instance and you come in full triggered

@liaizon @igeljaeger oh right im triggered

i came in to give you a reality check out of courtesy and then you reply with... what i guess you call "triggering":

@wowaname @igeljaeger the fuck off was actually directed at ig not you but alas, sorry if you were offended by my use of such a vulgar word

@liaizon @igeljaeger @wowaname

the lads or whatever word i'm supposed to use

don't get triggered folks i'm not trying to be rude
@xj9 @igeljaeger @liaizon i dont have PTSD but i am disappointed that there are people out there who think its a leap of faith to be a snowflake irl
@liaizon @igeljaeger
That kinda goes to show how isolated you are. I honestly feel a bit sad for you.
@igeljaeger @liaizon this tbh

Engaging in activism and then being surprised that it is the norm is so fake and tired

@fluffy @igeljaeger @liaizon Notice how IT hasn’t said anything more? Probably blocked & muted, then ran back with screenshots of you “white nationalist nazis” being big meanie poo-poo heads to share with IT’s fellow snowflakes for “you ho grrrrrllll!” points.

@cowanon @fluffy @liaizon anybody calling me a nazi must be a racist themselves cuz I dont say anything nazi-esque here

@fluffy @cowanon @igeljaeger notice how you all make assumptions that I am going to block you for being such rude trolls in my mentions but actually you are just making my point ever more prominent. thanks for the boost of confidence yall.

@J @cowanon @fluffy @igeljaeger Prickly little one. sorry I have triggered all of your senses

@liaizon @J @cowanon @fluffy ok this wont go anywhere. I can at least respect you for not blocking anybody who makes fun of you on-sight
@liaizon @cowanon @igeljaeger

Nobody is saying they are against pronouns. We are pointing out you are deliberately engaging in activism and then pretending to be shocked that this is not the norm.

Everyone knows most people don't use gender neutral pronouns, there is no way you were surprised to discover this. If you felt uncomfortable then it probably is a warning sign that you are disconnected from reality, and you should engage more with ordinary people, lest you become some ivory tower bourgie.

So yes, your post was totally fake, and we are calling you out for your fakery.

I at least have not said anything about blocks, so if you meant to reply to someone else I will accept your apology now.

@fluffy @cowanon @igeljaeger the block comment was directed at cowanon not you. there was nothing fake about my post. the folks I am engaged with on a daily bases mostly use pronouns that are not “the norm” so I was surprised at peoples reactions in this space. I am was not saying there was anything wrong with their responses. I was simply posting about my own response to a day I had.

@liaizon @cowanon @igeljaeger I don't believe you and I accuse you of being a liar. I assert that nobody can be so disconnected from reality.
@liaizon @cowanon @igeljaeger anyway, if what you write is true then it not that you were engaging in activism and then had some faux drama. But rather that you are specifically antisocial and cannot feel comfortable on ordinary polite society, which should be deeply concerning for you.

@fluffy @cowanon @igeljaeger I want ordinary polite society to shrivel and die. I have no interest in ordinary society. it is scum

@liaizon @cowanon @igeljaeger yeah see this is what I mean by antisocial behavior.

It's one thing to hope for a better world, it's another entirely to want "society to shrivel and die". It should be deeply concerning for you and for your future success that you have this feeling.
@fluffy @liaizon @cowanon @igeljaeger Damn.

I agree with either side and disagree with both. But THAT isn’t the right way to go about it.

Personally, I like liaizon would attempt to enforce pronouns (in a reasonable environment) but damn this is going to far 😂

@rinrin @cowanon @fluffy @igeljaeger I dont want society to shrivel and die, I used a specific term, “polite society” which comes from a specific context

@liaizon @rinrin @cowanon @igeljaeger The terms are equivalent in this context, which is why i omitted it.

to wit:
"what is and isn't okay to say in society"
"what is and isn't okay to say in polite society"

@fluffy @cowanon @igeljaeger I am very concerned with the process of doing everything in my power to make “polite society” go away. and in its place we build a society that better represents the vision we are trying to achieve. this I believe is the very reason most of us (including I would assume you too) are using the fediverse instead of some place like twitter. but thats just one small drip in the bucket.

@liaizon @fluffy @cowanon im just here to be a shitlord and be friends who share my humor or at least understand it. Oh and being an admin is cool too I guess

@igeljaeger @fluffy @cowanon admin = autonomy which is exactly the type of society I wish to see. in “polite society” one of us in this conversation would probably have our accounts disabled by now

@liaizon @igeljaeger @cowanon If only more people felt that way.

I think a lot of people have grievances about polite society, in fact even most normies do. Pretty much everyone hates having to deal with this facade. But we are stuck with each other, and we should do what we can to get along. IMHO.
@liaizon @fluffy @cowanon I suppose so. I guess the topic has derailed enough though.
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