Any open instances that you want new people!?

"Any open instances that want new people?" wow I cant type also thanks @Gargron

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I have an approval based registration, in order to filter out the non-people ;)

@selea we are doing a workshop right now. there are all real people here, could we have a few invites?

@liaizon in the enviremental/socal (fluffy) in the direct action (spiky) both are open to people intrested in social change.

@liaizon I think the instance of Anoxinon is a nice place for new Fediverse users :anxde: :blobcheer:

@liaizon QOTO is open and welcome to new people if you are in the STEM field or a hobbyist

@liaizon anyone, especially sci fi ppl are welcome at - However it is tiny at the moment!

@liaizon not open, but I'd invite any cool people that want to join the fedi (on

@liaizon needs new users!It's the instance I launched as response to the big wave of Spanish users.

@liaizon is ready for some more members! And perhaps pie.. but no promises.. :nhappy:

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