Ok so we are doing a very unstructured exploration of the fediverse tomorrow with around 40 people in berlin. What should they see? Where should they go? Give me your last minute ideas.

@liaizon here's the outline I used for my talk earlier this month:

I had a 2-hour speaking slot so I was kind of all over the place and did a lot of Q&A/discussion with the audience so your situation might not be the same.

@technomancy @rra did you see this? just saw it now. would have been useful!

interact with several Mastodon - GNUSocial, Peertube and Pixelfed accounts in one session.

@liaizon since I imagine they'll be fans, take a tour of,, and

@dajbelshaw really unknown. Probably half art students and half random tech hipsters

@liaizon Well, I find with these things it's always a balance between showing them to hook their attentions, and starting from first principles.

A homely metaphor helps, as does a problem statement to open up their minds to accept something new.

@liaizon art students might get a kick out of the idea that something like (the "no posts may contain the letter e" instance) can exist on the fediverse as just another instance

@liaizon Definitely snouts dot online, since that's a pretty large portion of Mastodon in general.

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