@liaizon Oh! it's amazing! Any way to get the original file?

@lidia_p @liaizon @clacke @nolwennm there is no licence set on the project.

is it CC BY SA 4.0 ?

@al @liaizon @clacke @nolwennm yes, the team is still studying the options. we will have news about that soon.

@matt :
You are now officially famous artists. Exhibited in Haus der Kulturen, Berlin ;)

@liaizon @lidia_p @I30

just btw :
If this poster is Open-Source I'd love to have it in
github.com/sebilasse/activityp because :
We'll do some more posters, one to explain each "protocol".

Like done for indieweb here :

@sl007 @lidia_p @I30 It’s definitely open source, but they are still deciding on what license they want


Basically my idea is to make one poster for each of the fediverse "protocols" like done with the texts and my pictures here (cause I got more pictures ;)

Had an amazing day w writefreely yesterday in Cologne, sad that you are one of these Berlin guys ;)

@sl007 really wanted to come meet everyone in Brussels for offdem but was really exhausted after a week of transmediale. (also not a “guy”)

sorry for my cynicism.
Was not about that.
It was meant in a strictly local context [we say "Typen" or types which is maybe incorrect in the dictionary] and is about feeling.
Lemme explain:
Had to move from Hamburg to a rural area. There are not so many freedom people or ActivityPub devs out on the field.
And now it feels like basically everyone is in Berlin (well, or Hamburg) sticking together …

Apart from that some people talked about Berlin at 36c3 and maybe we can start
a workshop for example in wannseeforum.de/de/stiftung (wonderful place) when it is warmer / got some money saved.

@sl007 @liaizon @I30 yes, definitely open source, more details on the license will ensue! :)

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