What instances do you recommend?

What instances do you recommend?

What instances do you recommend?

What instances do you recommend?

What instances do you recommend?

What other software should be introduced to newcomers?

On-boarding folks to the fediverse this week with @rra, @320x200 and @lidia_p and need instance recommendations.

@liaizon that's a very good (if not crucial) version. I was telling about the fediverse to a friend last month and she seemed sold on the idea... but then the enthusiasm died in the finding-the-perfect-instance, and that's kinda sad (but absolutely understandable).

@yhancik the conversation to newcomers about having infinite options is mostly overwhelming to them

@liaizon @rra @320x200 @lidia_p Welcome y'all ! You didn't mention Mastodon, but perhaps good to note that Mastodon does have a page where it tries to help you choose an instance based on your interests/hobbies While that might not always work well, I do like that approach (e.g. for myself, choose Linux focused instance). Re: WriteFreely, I like it, but I prefer to use Plume myself. And there is Lemmy which I like a lot and could use more users and contributors. 😀 🎶 🎇

@Ajz I didn't mention mastodon because I have a large list of recommendations for that already. I would love a instance recommendation though. Lemmy is not yet part of the fediverse as it does not federate yet, so its out of range for what we are doing... Hopefully that will be figured out this year.

@liaizon I'm quite fine with (Though it seems to still use Plume 0.3.x and not 0.4.x). looks good, and seems to be run by a Plume dev. Good point about Lemmy. I'm so pleased with it that I keep forgetting that federation support for Lemmy is still for the future.

@Ajz @liaizon I agree - Plume is excelent, although I self-host mine.
My biggest problem with it is the same as every single other blogging platform - I just don't have the time to do the writing I would like, so rarely post anything - is there anything about a brain/Fediverse interface on the roadmap, so we can upload blogposts without having to type them out? ;)

@mancavgeek @Ajz been writing on every day so far this month at @daily and yeah writing a blog post is so different then microblogging...

@˗ˏˋ liaizon wakest ˎˊ˗

People should probably be aware of Zap, especially if they are looking for a more Facebook-like approach to the fediverse. What it lacks in name recognition (not a priority - we aren't really into consumer cultism) is more than made up by what it can do for them today and the increased control they have over personal privacy.

The short summary of Zap is that I took Friendica (which I originally released as "Mistpark" in 2010) and rewrote it a few times (RedMatrix, Hubzilla, Osada, ...) over the years to keep making it better while adding more privacy features. Zap is the latest iteration of that development effort and the result of simpliying the UX, working on better compatibility with all the new kids on the block (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, Pixelfed, ActivityPub, Zot6, etc.) without giving up any of our existing privacy, media, and mobility features.

@mike Thanks for the summery. We have Zap, Friendica and Hubzilla in the poster we were working on to help describe what the fediverse is made of already. Is there an instance of Zap you would recommend that is managed/administered by someone you trust?

All good questions and thanks for the info on #Zap, Mike.

We are very interested in finding social services that work over #Tor or #i2p, or can communicate with such. Also can Zap form part of an alternative to #Cloucflare's PixelFed (PF), which denies privacy.

@mike @liaizon Hello, I'm French and I'm willing to help you to localize Zap!

@anti-system daemon Sure.

Incidentally you can probably copy the French translations from Hubzilla as a starting point. That will cover around 75% of the existing strings.

Zap certainly sounds interesting, I'll have to take a look at it tomorrow.

@hansw the question was spesific to "peoples" recommendations not just looking for all of them...

@liaizon It is a bit hard to make a choice for someone. They can now see which ones are open for registration and where they are located.

@hansw these people will not start with knowing what that means. They wont know why they would sign up for an “instance” of anything

@liaizon Then why was it asked? You could have pointed a few yourself imho.

@hansw I have many lists I have made myself that I will share. the idea for this post was getting some suggestions from people outside of myself for the workshop

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