really wish there was a "mutual friends" section on mastodon

@matt have you tried to convince your friends to come join you?


I was referring to this facebook feature that I really liked and used almost every day

@liaizon cf. tumblr where being "mutuals" is apparently a valued thing

On the other hand, opens potential for hurt feelings :p "I followed them but they didn't follow me back :'("

@yhancik easily solved by having it be optional and having a warning that its “not a complete list”

What this is good for?
Can you explain please?

Real friends have real contact.
They know each other and don't need list, and if - they have telegram group etc.
If not being friends, just followers, their even aren't buddies.

I'm really confused about "friends" (but not real friends) and much more "mutual friends".
Friends are mutual. Otherwise, no friends.

Please explain for getting the point.


So I travel around the world. I have been most of my life. When I meet someone new there is usually a conversation about what cities we have both lived in somewhere in the world. Knowing that someone has a mutual friend in common can make you build trust with someone. Or if the only mutual friend you have in common in a city is someone who you don't trust, that can lesson potential friendships with that new person. So either way it starts a specific type of conversation about relations.

Ok, thank you for explaining.
It might be point to get more "in advance trust believe" for new relation.
But if it doesn't work, it may entangle primary relation.

Probably I'm much more into "any relation is personal and shouldn't depend on/ interfere with other relations" which doesn't benefit from "mutual friend sign". So I couldn't understand.

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