@href are you able to do those dates? I saw you said a while ago you were interested in going

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@href somehow never saw this response! are you def going? still want to give a talk/host a session etc? I am working on the website with some folks and nothing seems set in stone yet but would love to start adding some "confirmations" fediconf.org is up as a temp until we have more stuff

Hey @liaizon and #fediversians ! Dunno about the summer one … (?)

For sure, there is a Fediverse gathering on @jtlibres hosted by the Santsenques in Barcelona this weekend , see agenda / pad / inscription form here

formularis.lleialtat.cat/nrp 1

I'm wondering... ¿ why not let’s get together and federate efforts and thoughts ?

@tuttle @cwebber @how @sl007

#fediverse #fedidev #mastodev

@jordila @jtlibres@gnusocial.cc @tuttle @cwebber @how @sl007 @fsfe

wish I heard about this earlier!

I can add a part of the website fediconf.org about the one this weekend!

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