@36c3_backup_user Wow I strongly think that Moxie wrong on so many levels. The fact that the fediverse is where it is shows that their hypothesis is severely flawed. Also the fact that they would equate WhatsApp with success is a WTF? Also the idea that WhatsApp is secure in anyway is so laughable since Facebook holds the all the keys.


@36c3_backup_user also on this point at minute 24: the fact that these "privacy" apps can esily get your social graph back after switching to a new app is because your name has already been associated to a fixed number with the phone company. if you want to find your friends on signal or telegram or whatapp without having a government controlled phone number, good luck. The fact that Moxie doesn't bring this up makes me sus of their whole talk.

@neauoire @36c3_backup_user what I wrote wasn't very clear. the part that I think they needed to mention that makes the system Moxie is promoting is that the only reason this "secure" system is able to reget your social graph is because that graph is already known about on an insecure place. Every iPhone and Android phone defaults to uploading ALL of the contacts (name, number, all comments, dates the contact has changed etc) to Apple or Google's servers using WebDav that is not E2E at all...

@neauoire @36c3_backup_user I am a really bad writer. It frustrates me a lot. I can have such a clear view of something in my brain and then when I go to put in into textual words it can come out so jumbled. I think my thinking is very non linear and that counteracts with the linearity of writing quite often. Need more wiki writing in my life maybe

@36c3_backup_user heyyyyy I recognize the voice of my friend asking the question at minute 34!

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