Anyone want to do a little editathon for the ? Most of the articles are either very out of date, have incorrect information, or need clarification etc. I just added some stuff to the Spanish /fediverso page, but it could really use some work. :fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

@haghiri75 I was just posting about this wikipedia page for the in Farsi, and wanting to find folks to help update all the articles to be more compete and accurate.

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@liaizon I gave the link to my friends, we'll work on that.

@liaizon Yeah. That's ok.
I checked the history of the page. It's edited and translated by one of my friends, who's a great person in FLOSS community of Iran. I approve the quality of the page. Although the page needs a bit more information. But it generally is OK.

@ahangarha @haghiri75 would that be the only way to talk about it in Farsi or could you translate Federation and Universe and smush the words together?

@liaizon @haghiri75 actually we are working on finding or actually making a word for fediverse. No output yet.

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