Anyone want to do a little editathon for the ? Most of the articles are either very out of date, have incorrect information, or need clarification etc. I just added some stuff to the Spanish /fediverso page, but it could really use some work. :fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

@haghiri75 I was just posting about this wikipedia page for the in Farsi, and wanting to find folks to help update all the articles to be more compete and accurate.

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Fediverse in is just fediverse (so far) but it looks like they have a pretty recently updated article with extra information (some of it is wrong) so if you know anyone who speaks Tagalog and wants to work on it, tag them here!

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the seem to have many terms for it the (ou , parfois orthographié ou )

The article could definitely use some work!

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@liaizon didn't know that! Thanka for sharing this, it seems that I referred called it right when was discribing the thing to people around me

@liaizon I gave the link to my friends, we'll work on that.

@liaizon Yeah. That's ok.
I checked the history of the page. It's edited and translated by one of my friends, who's a great person in FLOSS community of Iran. I approve the quality of the page. Although the page needs a bit more information. But it generally is OK.

@ahangarha @haghiri75 would that be the only way to talk about it in Farsi or could you translate Federation and Universe and smush the words together?

@liaizon @haghiri75 actually we are working on finding or actually making a word for fediverse. No output yet.

@liaizon ah, typical :D "fédivers" is the most French one, but unfortunately homophone with "fait divers", aka accidents & crime news :p (not 100% sure you speak french, désolé pour l'explication).

"Fédiverse" looks like an ugly francisation à la "mél" (for mail)

@yhancik def dont speak french just trying to drum up support for folks editing Wikipedia fedi pages

@yhancik @liaizon I am not sure of the unfortunate nature of the homophony of Fédivers.
On the contrary, I've always seen it as a somehow on-purpose funny pun

I have checked these pages recently while along with few other friends tried to translate them into Persian (almost none of them had Persian page).

During that process, I noticed not only incomplete but also wrong references in some cases.

I was looking for some free time to work on them but unfortunately I couldn't manage to do it yet.

Thank you for bringing this issue up

@ahangarha All of the English pages are very bad. It sort of makes more sense to start from scratch in other languages. I want to help make the English one better but was feeling like I would be better just trying to bring light to the situation that they all need work. I also like the idea that each version of wikipedia in different languages can go in its own direction with an article or topic so as to use references and idioms that make more sense to that culture...

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