People need to know that they do NOT HAVE TO PAY for having a website, shell access, gopher site, free radio shows...
AND you do not have to pay by selling your soul and attention by advertizing!
Free - as in freedom/freespeech AND free as in free beer for decades are available at and at
Yes, they solicit donations, but not ravenously upon your attention span.
You can have a website. You can be a radio DJ with a scheduled show!! Come on! Boost!

@liaizon The internet is swollen with good people who want to share. Share code. Share wealth. Share information. Share knowledge and education. Share recipes. Share extra fruit and vegetables...
It's just that the corporations who don't want to share have a much larger advertising budget than we do! :-)
That's why the fediverse in all its forms is so important.
e.g. Can you imagine Zero food waste in your town? The fediverse makes it possible. And many other Good Things :-)


@gemlog one of the very reasons I am devoting so much of my time trying to help with fediverse stuff. this is honestly the most exciting "technology" I have ever discovered. The promise of the web that I have always wanted is closer in this form then any other I have ever seen.

@liaizon Thank you for doing all that. It's important.

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