A new Mast update is now available on the App Store. It brings three great new things, amongst many others:

- Notifications position syncing and gap filling
- Trends and tags to explore
- Profile directories to find and discover new users


@JPEG I can't find "trending tags to the Explore tab" .
I'm trying it in every way, but can't find it, using this account on mastodon.uno I can see the trends on desktop browser

@filippodb Could you show me a screenshot of the Explore tab please, and what version of the app you're on?

@JPEG I found other bugs! Character counter always show 500 an I can’t upload images!!

@filippodb Hey, Mastodon doesn't allow third-party apps to change the default character counter, although some Pleroma instances do allow it. Thanks for the other images.


@JPEG @filippodb the counter doesn’t change even if you go over 500 right now. latest version

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