umm is sorta broken. that is not what I intended to happen and had no way of knowing my post was about to get shared by 5 groups


@mewmew @clacke I replied to a post that replied to you. it didn't have the guppe mention visible so I assumed it wouldn't be reshared.

@heluecht Is this because libranet as conversation owner distributes all conversation posts to all participants?

@liaizon @mewmew

@clacke @mewmew @heluecht I assume thats the case. looks like some issues need to be solved on the side with

@liaizon @mewmew @heluecht I guess just receiving the message shouldn't be enough to redistribute it, it should be explicitly addressed at the group.

@clacke @mewmew @heluecht otherwise every rando who gets into the conversation then becomes part of the group with out realizing it and the groups will balloon into crazy nonsense

@liaizon @mewmew @heluecht Well, not exactly part of the group, just that the particular conversation is distributed to all members. But a bit unexpected for the user either way.
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