@krozruch @heluecht I am sure most instances here now will def treat it exactly like we treat gab. but its Still a good thing cause then people will already be on the fediverse and telling them to change instances AWAY from twitter can be even easier then today.

@krozruch @heluecht imagine getting to export your followers from twitter to a single user instance and have it work just like it works on mastodon rn. thats a future I have been waiting for like 10 years

@liaizon @heluecht I was mainly joking based on my own experiences of late etc. I worry about big players ability to manipulate protocols through lobbying etc., but yes, I can see that it could be a good thing.


@krozruch @heluecht oh yes its gonna be a fucking nightmare of a war if twitter gets involved with the protocol decision making process, which they inevitably will. and if they join then google and facebook will probably send their goons over too so they can have their say. This is why we need to get to work NOW

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