We need an taskforce asap. There are some unsavory unresolved bugs everywhere and and if we actually care about getting people off of centralized platforms we need to focus on fixing compatibility across networks/software.

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What I was thinking was all these small issues about compatibility between current implementations of fediverse software that we think of as the bugs of individual projects but in reality they are shared bugs. There are issues that come up between Peertube and Writefreely, between Misskey and, between Pleroma and Pixelfed. We get stuck arguing about whose fault it is. Yes is great, but so is dogfooding.


I'm going to remove everyone else from this. If you'd like; hop in the reply to this that I make to @liaizon

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@liaizon To be honest, it sounds like you want to have some kind of cross-platform bug tracking system that can maybe even pull from each bug to help see at what point things can get better?

@jalcine couldn't have described my thoughts better myself!

@liaizon okay - the forum could def serve as that but it wouldn't be _optimized_ for that (that's something I definitely see).

I think we could try with first compiling a sub section of these bugs and pester reporters to update it at least once a week

@jalcine I have running lists of bug reports in my head but have gotten a bit frustrated with adding them all to github/gitlab/selfhosted as so many of them just get forgotten and not even responded to. The reason a "taskforce" seems like a necessity is if there is a group of interested individuals who together explain the importance of fixing certain things and can discus them in a constructive way first it seems like the issues have a better chance at getting attention

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