No, but the interviewer now has accounts on Mastodon, Friendica and Plenorma.

@hypolite when I hit reply to this post, mastodon automatically adds @bobjonkman to the reply field. seems like a weird bug. though must be left over from friendica supporting gnu social still and mastodon not.

what is this plenorma interview you speak of?

@liaizon @hypolite not a weird issue, it's how Mastodon handles replies - it copies all mentions from the parent post, even if it can't fetch them itself. if you look at the activitypub data of the post, it mentions that account.

@mewmew @hypolite I consider it weird cause I have never seen it auto add a name that was from a network that masto doesn't federate with. I understand the reason behind it but it should be considered a bug cause it makes no sense to mention an actor that can't be notified.

@liaizon @hypolite it is a bug, but one of friendica, for adding non-activitypub accounts to the mentions property in activitypub

@mewmew @hypolite I wonder if a friendica user is having a convo with a diaspora user and I respond will it add the diaspora handle automatically too?

@liaizon @mewmew No, since it doesn’t affect the display on Friendica’s end, we have to wait for someone on Mastodon to bring the issue to us like you kind of did.

@hypolite @mewmew Cool I am glad I discovered an edge! Would you like me to file an issue?

@liaizon @mewmew Definitely. A fix probably won’t come out this December stable release but fingers crossed for the Next March one.
@hypolite @liaizon Including the upcoming rebranding announcement for Plenorma
@hypolite @liaizon Bob is in the reply chain though? So seems right?

I had an interview, we talked about privacy and corporate interests and stuff, and I mentioned "federated social networks" and dude mentioned plemora before I could mention Mastodon, so basically, Mastodon is dead
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