Here's a list of folks I have personally invited to join the , please give them a follow! Ask them whats up or give a warm welcome! People only stay here when there is a reason


@liaizon idea: since it seems like you're pretty good at getting people on Fedi, maybe make your own instance for them to join?

@mewmew I have two! but this one is just gonna be a single user one. My open instance is at but its pleroma so its a little harder for newcomers/old people

@liaizon ah cool - I wish more people would join Pleroma but I see why they don't
@liaizon @mewmew It's easy to think that Masto has the easier interface just because so many new users happened to come in through that route. But is it really?

I find Masto's tweetdecky layout more overwhelming, and Pleroma's more twittery interface easier.

But either way, Pleroma has both! (and potentially others like Pinafore and Halcyon)
@clacke @liaizon Mastodon feels more like Twitter with the signup and settings etc, Pleroma feels more unique
@mewmew @clacke @liaizon to be honest
if mastodon wasn't a bitch to host (let's pretend it had the same install method as pleroma OTP and the same dependencies)
that's probably what I'd be running
@mewmew @clacke @liaizon just a generally higher level of polish
for example, pleroma only super recently got the ability to reload emojis without restarting the whole server via API endpoint
admin-fe is ONLY NOW getting meaningful settings
and so on
mastodon has the advantage of being the more mature solution overall, which directly translates to more polish
and polish/ui/ux are pretty important to me
just not as much as not smashing my head against my desk repeatedly
@mewmew @liaizon Ok, yeah, I'm too old here to know how it feels to a newcomer.

To me Pleroma feels closer to GNU Social feels closer to Twitter of 2008, but I don't know the experience of someone dropping into this space in 2019.

Pleroma and Friendica are the microblogging UIs that haven't gone downhill since 2010. 😁


@clacke @mewmew mastodon changed to a single column by default now (at least on

@liaizon @mewmew Oh! I was aware it was an option but haven't checked it out.

I do believe this will help newcomers.

@clacke @mewmew if you haven't seen the new layout (I have custom colors but other then that is like default)

@mewmew @clacke hey just clicked your profile and saw your running the new static FE, niiice

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