@liaizon This could result in a large influx of users. India is a big country, and I guess we'll know if the Mastodon infrastructure is ready to handle it.

@loke @liaizon It could be an opportunity for creating new instances size for this flow of new users.

@loke @liaizon It's federated. The network will handle whatever the instances can handle.
This, of course, is not mentioned in the article at all.

@uint8_t @liaizon As far as I understand, a lot of them have joined mastodon.social.

In a way, that's a good thing, since it's a good way to test the scalability of the software. 🙂

@loke @liaizon software scales much better than the community itself. .social should have stopped accepting registrations a long time ago IMHO. Single point of failure, and its moderation struggles.

@uint8_t @liaizon When I joined the Fediverse, mastodon.social was closed for new registrations. If it hadn't been, I had probably created my account there.

I guess I was lucky that I joined at that time. I really have nothing against mastodon.social, but the more instances there is, the better the network.

Это УЖЕ привело к наплыву индийских пользователей. Назовём это Индийской волной – 2019

@vala @liaizon first thing I thought. Is Gargron from germany? Because if not, then nothing checks out - biggest instances are from Japan <.<
@popolon @liaizon i know that gargron is german, but that doesnt make the network inherently german.

its like calling the world wide web swizz because it was first launched by cern in switzerland.

@vala @liaizon
I totally agree, I just noticed that was probably the source of the mistake.

crowd intelligence (in social networks for example) is still more efficient to describe things that so called "specialists" in mainstream medias, that mainly just write #bullshit. They should at least ask review for comment by people that work on subject of their articles.

@lain @vala @liaizon @popolon if that isn’t german supremacy, then I don’t know what is /s

@liaizon i remember when everyone made jokes about tweeting on the toilet and being a "twitter shitter"

Brilliant! This is the type of exposure the #Fediverse deserves.

Quick question: Aren't there instances with a larger #characterLimit, though?

(Answering only the OP due to a #'fedilabBug')

@dsfgs every instance can pick their limit. there are ones where its 10,000

Yes, as we thought. Thanks for clarifying.

Its common for journalists to make small mistakes like this. We are simply grateful to see an article like this, regardless.

The sooner we can re-#decentralise the internet, the better.

@dsfgs there are a ton of inaccuracies in this article. But I am also glad to see the fediverse getting some press. Especially in countries outside of "the west" whatever the fuck that means

@liaizon Some ppl may not realize that they can middle-click the image or right-click and choose 'show image' to see the full, readable size:

Please stress to new users to pick something from here:
and not all flock to the same instance, which will add a lot of server strain to people who are hosting mastodon out of their pocket and donations, which is ALL INSTANCES.

No big corporate advertisers here. Only people.

@gemlog only way a social network can survive is to be centralized. it's why all the others practically died at the advent of facebook.

@Beiz This is blatantly and historically false.
Perhaps you have a mistaken idea about centralization and federation.
Do you imagine that e.g. MySpace was anything except centralized?
Email is federated in exactly the same way as mastodon, only with a different protocol. Peertube, Pleroma, Funk Whale etc. are the same.
I think we can safely declare email a success at this point...

@gemlog People in this discussion are understimating the threat. Due to the lack of controlling entities maintaining censorship of this particular type of manipulation, Mastodon cannot survive as a fullfledged mainstream social network, yet it is headed for critical mass.

Here is a video series touching on this topic: youtube.com/watch?v=1PGm8LslEb

Here are some other resources: mastodon.cloud/@dredmorbius/10

@Beiz My only other thought on this is to do the exact opposite of what you suggest: do NOT rely on corporate 'channels' to choose what you see and read!
My own online activity predates the www, so I may have a different perspective from some new users.
Don't sit back and let fox, cnn's focus groups and facebook, twitter and youtube algorithms dictate what you see like you are a slave to some TV-like experience.
Curate your own. Use mutes, blocks and filters.
It's YOUR timeline in the fediverse.

@gemlog my concern is not about protecting myself, but humanity as a collective. viral influence is a serious issue and can do all kinds of harm to the world when not under moderation. something that certain actors actively and readily sell, often to alt right activists. feelings triumph rationality and logic for most people. it is an ever changing devil the sheep will follow, all depending on their predispositioned perceptions of athority and of which is the most popular opinion of their peers.

@Beiz I've been trying to point out that you can't police the planet and, as the video you recommended to my attention pointed out, there is no algorithm for identifying truth anyhow. We can only do our best as individuals.
Some ppl will always be misled by the bad actors who want to take advantage of them.
There is no perfect solution, but a diverse federation of servers with published codes of conduct that ostracizes nazi instances is a big improvement over corporate, centralized twitter.

@gemlog @Beiz The people who think that mastodon won't last and that social networks must be centralized don't realize that the fediverse has already been around for a decade and has faced off various challenges.

The federated approach provides the best chance yet of having an actually habitable and democratic internet - in the sense of being run by and for its users.

Federation enables the isolation of bad actors, who are then denied the force amplification which centralized systems create. See what happened earlier with Hiveway, Counter and Gab. Two of those are still active, but their ability to spread their poison is contained.

@liaizon this is essentially just moving the problem from twitter to mastodon.

@Beiz the network topology is completely different though and thats what makes it exciting. Mastodon is not one website like twitter is.

@liaizon doesn't change the fact that malicious interests will come with the people. the bigger mastodon becomes, the harder it will be to avoid them.

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