um @Gargron we should probably ban this account I dont think we want police actively using, like this is what people are trying to escape from

@BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

I disagree. We should have them here and corporates as well. We need them confronted in an environment that they cannot influence through money and power.

Blocking the officials shows lack of confidence. We just need to block their entourage of hate mongers and fascists. And then surround and confront them.

@raman @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron What if that account is operated by RSS-BJP as their trolls have been blocked in wholesale here?

Remember that state is under RSS-BJP.

@INCDilSe @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

We should assume that it is operated by them. The thing is that we should feel confident enough to group in on singular right wing accounts in this environment.

We should just prevent their grouping up.

@raman @INCDilSe @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

@raman @INCDilSe @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

"We should assume that it is operated by them"

No, we shouldn't.
Anyone could impersonate an official account.

1. Let the account be verified by the owner on Twitter, and assuming there's no doubt about the twitter account, that should be adequate confirmation.

2. Once the account is verified, hold it to the fundamental code of conduct of the instance. Any intimidation, and the account goes.


In lefty speak, what I meant was not that it is impersonated, but that even the official one especially in Assam can be assumed to be biased towards certain groups.

@INCDilSe @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

@raman @INCDilSe @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron

They will be biased, doubtless.

That's why I'd like to see them on a ground that gives them no special privilege, that enforces the same rules on them as on everyone else.

You do know that one does not HAVE to be logged into this platform in order to see the conversations here, right?

So let them in. Formally.

Maybe they'll get bitten by the freedom virus. 🙂

@bharatvarma @liaizon @Gargron

Absolutely! These days even judiciary is bound to pass verdicts as per the convenience of the govt & cops too are no different. Mass surveillance, to picking handles who have been vocal about issues & critical of govt. wrong policies will be heavily targeted. It's not 'lets assume' This is harsh reality. Again, we won't be talking about privileges here. This is a collective place for ideas & freedom of thought & we don't wish to loose it.

@BhavanaVarun @bharatvarma @liaizon @Gargron We shouldn't become like them. I do fear that India has become a police state. What reason does Assam Police have to create a official account (presumably). To be fair, people can easily create a personal id and do mischief reporting IDs to the govt. At least, this ID is being honest in saying that it represents a repressive Govt machinery

@INCDilSe @raman @BhavanaVarun @liaizon @Gargron Bhai vaise suspicion can be put on anybody! How do I know you (or me) aren't an RSS account?

@raman @liaizon if you might have followed the idea behind fedverse, it was about engagement, interaction and sharing insights.
If you so love the idea behind welcoming them. Go on. No one stops you. But then, is it any better than birdsite? Choice is yours. You are free to interact and welcome anyone.

@BhavanaVarun @liaizon

All right, I gave my views and if they do not seem correct, I will not force them.

@raman Nah, fuck cops and fuck corps they don't belong here

@liaizon @Gargron i think office accounts should be allowed. You think if all they wanted to do was to snoop then wouldn't they use any random account. Having more official.account helps the community. All we want to escape from is hate, bigotry. I think they should be welcomed.

@liaizon @Gargron We've observed this on birdsite too. Dissidents were heavily trolled by RWers and tagged by the cops handles. Ultimately, either their accounts were blocked or they were snooped. Ideally 'what we must do' is much different than 'what happens in reality' Its pure targeted harassment. Several times this has happened. You talk to the admins, Eugen and solve it out. Fear & panic isn't what others wished for when they came here. Just ponder over it.

@Joker2019 @liaizon @Gargron Unsolicited opinion: "official" accounts run by government entities should do so on their own infrastructure and dns namespace.

@jon @Joker2019 @Gargron did the right thing and killed the account :)

@liaizon @Gargron Then we should develop a framework that which type of accounts should we ban?

@liaizon @Gargron If they want to snoop, they can always snoop by making personal profiles.

@liaizon @Gargron you can't just ban an account that hasn't done anything.

@liaizon @Gargron OH hell no! What makes them think this is a place for the police?! :blob_cat_flamethrower:

@liaizon @Gargron mastodon is a platform which stands for freedom then banning users without any explicit violation of code of conduct would be unfair.i respect and a fan of anti fascist stand of mastodon but merely dissenting opinion or doubting users fascist background shouldn't be a reason to block users.otherwise there wont be any difference between fascists and mastodon

@liaizon @Gargron Why? Those who don't want to follow can. Isn't that what these platforms are about? I for one am happy to see somebody in some establishment being proactive enough to join Mastadon

@liaizon @Gargron Disallowing a particular government agency would only give the perception of increased #privacy and #security from #surveillance. It would not actually make Mastodon free from government spying.

Any actual surveillance would likely come in the form of a regular user persona that interacts under the radar.

@theprivacyfoundation @Gargron The way these accounts were used on twitter tho was that trolls were tagging the police in peoples posts they disagreed with. They were being used as a harassment vehicle. Not having their presence condoned here makes a statement that this place cares about such things and less that its protecting anyone from surveillance.

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