I love how little reporters actually understand about the fediverse before they try to write an article. actually I don't love that nevermind

@liaizon if there were a bunch of people who wanted to educate tech journalists about the fediverse (or free code software in general), that might be something that could be done as a project of
@feneas . Their current volunteers are up to their arse in alligators, but they tell me the org could do many more things if people volunteered to do them.

@liaizon it's something anyone could do, but journalists would likely take outreach from a formal org more seriously than from a net rando. It would also allow the outreach to bedone in a coordinated way, where each journalist could have one consistent contact person to ask questions of. Maybe they could even get on-the-record comments for stories from "X, a public educator from the Federated Networks Association", or something like that.

@liaizon Most definitely! It's really up to a suitable person coming up and wanting to do something like this. As @strypey says, as an official non-profit organization there is a bit more weight and credibility.

If someone who is good with words and wants to approach journalists for the better of the federated web, come talk to us 👍

@liaizon i, actually, think I'm fine with the initial scouts not understanding what the fediverse contains. Them having not figured it all out yet means that they can't sell it to others effectively, or warn against us effectively. This means those whose curiousity is piqued may venture over and we might find a few more residents. Whereas if there were a big op ed explaining the fediverse, down to the different facets and groups, there may be more folks that would flood our instances, looking for some easy way to get off corp social media. And while I think, eventually, we all should forsake those sites, the fediverse can't actually handle more than a heavy trickle tight now. We just don't have the support and infrastructure to replace the amount of usage corp soc media provides right now.
Also, it's funny to see the parts that they get wrong. Like, just because they're not bombarded by news accounts and they have to click a cw to see a political opinion, that there isn't current events being fucking discussed?? Theae folk still think so centrally that they believe the parts of the fediverse they see are the whileass thing! Haha

@moss I generally agree with all your points realistically. I cant wait to see the fediverse take off but its true we really are not yet ready in many ways. seeing steadiness as opposed to unstable growth is probably the best we can hope for.

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