Live test of the new location feature on my way to work 😺



@dev hmm so I just doesn't show any of the location on the mastodon side This is expected, Mastodon does not support it.

It's only interoperable with #Honk and other #microblogpub instances for now.

@dev @liaizon Couldn't you just add for example an OSM link to the HTML content?

@mayel @dev yeah I was thinking the same, can you add something that would show up as a alternative for platforms that dont support your added meta data? I don't know, I will think about it.

Initially, I implemented this to be interoperable with #Honk, so this would break Honk compatibility, as #microblogpub user would not see locations anymore from it, and followers using Honk would see the location twice.


@dev your project, your rules. :)

Personally, I am not a true believer in linked data, far from it, but I do think it's better for easily interpreted (meta)data to be encoded usefully, as opposed to dumping everything in the content field. Embedded hashtag and mention links never actually go where I'd like for example.

There are many devices for which an OSM link is not the ideal handler. Some duplication of information isn't pretty, but it works.

More philosophically, limiting ourselves to the most minimal feature set is no fun. Users of platforms that are missing out can always file feature requests. :)

@tedu @dev if mastodon doesnt support location then that's fine. don't dump it into `content` at all. mastodon can write its own transformers, like how they transform Article based on the title and uri.

@dev btw, I've been reconsidering the correctness of putting place in tag vs location. Initially, my line of thinking was an Event takes place in a location, thus location field, but notes are more "about" a place, so it's tag. I'm not sure this distinction is helpful, and is somewhat non-standard. The AS spec simply says "associated". So basically, it's just like a tag, but it lives outside the tag property.

Will probably get more buyin from other projects if we stick to the field that's defined in AS.

@tedu @dev i would use still use `location` imo. `tag` to me indicates that something in `content` should be replaced with an embedded Link (e.g. a mention or a hashtag).

@trwnh ok, I'm convinced. :)

This should have a nicely AP/AS compliant location tag.

@liaizon @mayel @dev it would be better for those platforms to support the metadata as they see fit, not to pollute your own content with duplicated data.

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