No better time to abandon and start using for your creative endeavors!

Glimpse a future free from the capitalist oppressors of creative freedom!

We can finally move away from the depressingly tone deaf named and embrace !

Please help join the !

@liaizon unfortunately if I apt install glimpse today I get this thing so mb gonna need some further disambiguation

@aeonofdiscord oh thats bad. hmm I wonder if thats already on their radar

@liaizon I think it's just inevitable if you're using dictionary words, you're always gonna run into something unless you really reach for something obscure

@liaizon ah, I see they're using glimpse-editor, I guess that's fine

@liaizon It's a free world I guess, thanks #FOSS.

While it seems to me weird to fork mostly because of the name (come on...), they are going to contribute upstream, so hopefully it won't be a waste of energy.

@arteteco if your given last name was Fuckhead and everytime you introduced yourself people were like wtf!? would you keep your name anyway?

@liaizon Do you honestly consider your example to be on the same level of GIMP? Those would be two different situations for a multitude of reasons. Or is it more of a rhetorical question?

I didn't even know Gimp could be considered a bad word until today. That's the name of the project ,it always has been, all the docs and the search results point to GIMP.

They changed the name in the past, G stood for General, GNU was more to the point. That I feel was a good reason.

Would I use a program that is called Fuckhead without having to rebrand it and recompile it? Any time.

Anyway, its #FOSS, people can do what they want.

That's good, but I'd rather see the project not as a mere name change but also a revamping of features that is heavily needed. A name change is, despite all intentions, superficial. I want to be able to do drawing stuff that a child could do in Microsoft Paint but somehow GIMP makes it super complicated to achieve.

The more user friendly you make this thing, the more publicity it will get.

#photoshop #floss #gimp #glimpse #hypetrain

@rick_777 maybe read their announcement then? This is not only a name change.

Yeah but unfortunately most of the news are just about the name change so the UI changes are easy to miss. Thanks for clarifying.

@liaizon the bit about abandoning Photoshop feels like jumping the gun - it's still exactly like GIMP at this point.

Maybe once the future UI changes kick in it'll be worth a closer look, but for now it carries the same practical value - which sadly is still far behind Photoshop.

I hope the buzz will get more developers for the project since GIMP dev feels kind of stale compared to Blender and Krita for example. :blobthinking:


re: photoshop... are they still capitalist oppressors if you didn't pay for it?

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