Is anyone working on open source Duolingo / Memrise? Or any floss social language learning software?

@amsomniac oh this is great! thank you! the ability to record your own voice and play it back is awesome! it didn't work at first because it said I had to install mpv separately but after I did and restarted everything is working.

@liaizon There's Openwords, although its progress has been a bit slow during the few years I've had my eyes on it.

@Stoori @liaizon It seems they have not updated anything for the past 8 months.

@eddee @liaizon Yeah. And it seems to be more like a university/corporate project without any active community around it.

So I've stopped waiting anything from it. Perhaps one day we really have a community that is working on a project like this, but in the present state this seems to be the best we have.

@liaizon I suppose it depends on the language, but I've seen apps for Japanese and Russian at least on F-Droid!

@liaizon I mean if you like flashcards at all there's anki, which is open source and comes with info on how to write custom modules. I know there's a ton of custom language learning stuff written specifically for learning japanese...

OMG yes. A #FOSS #Duolingo would be amazing. I think it's worth mentioning though that part of what makes Duolingo so effective is that it isn't just flash cards.

It's also the algorithm that tracks reach users success rate of using each individual word and grammar structure, combines that with spaced reinforcement (repeating the use of specific words in questions over increasing periods of time).


The other part we could do well (possibly even via the Fedi) is comments on each question to allow people to explain further, although we'd have to figure out moderation.

We could definitely do better than Duo with extras people can get for progressing. Currently Duo has just two extra unlockable sections (idioms and flirting), 3 skins for the mascot and a couple of options to protect your daily streak. Community contributions here would be amazing!

@Blort I was thinking of starting a CryptPad and asking for help laying out all the parts we would need to figure out in order to make such a thing happen. A collective road map if you will.

Sounds good. I'd be in on that, along with a certain amount of artwork if a project were to come of it.

@Blort @liaizon please do let me know if that discussion starts somewhere!

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