If the release date won't be postponed again,we can finally start our work on the 17th October 2018.We took this chance to create a first blog article informing about what we want to do,why we do it and the big differences to PixelFed.It's not all but the biggest things.We noticed that the interest in this software increased again in within the last weeks so we thought the article makes sense now.Read it here: nikisoft.myblog.de/nikisoft/ar

@pixelfork I don't understand, you don't agree with these ideas, you decide to create a fork, but you wait until it finishes developing the federation to get started ?

I am far from agreeing with all @dansup 's choices but your approach does not seem to me to be the right one.

My 2 cents..

@valere I agree that it wasn't the right choice to wait for federation.We could have done it much faster ourselves so we would already have a fully working software now.The problem was that Dansup said it's nearly finished and he'll release it in a few weeks when our project startet.Then he postponed it again and again.In that situation it wouldn't have made sense to write everything again ourselves.Now it makes even less sense as it's announced for in two weeks.


@pixelfork @valere is this a dead fork? still waiting on real federation...

@liaizon @pixelfork I don't know, I'm no longer interested in these projects...

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