@liaizon @neauoire so it turns out historians are questioning whether this translation is any more correct than the previous ones

@npisanti @neauoire studying my own list of things to study is a full time study

@liaizon @neauoire It's funny how he repeatedly twitted about it back in January 2018 and nobody cared.

@liaizon @neauoire

“Some serious #conlang inspiration contained within”

Too bad that Tolkien is already dead. I would have liked to hear what he thinks about it.

@liaizon @neauoire

Oh my, this is awful for me. I've no idea how I missed this news, but tackling that manuscript has been a hobby of mine for about a decade now. I can read and write it fluently, and I have my own sounds assigned for the syllabary...many notebooks of practicing the script itself was how it started. I'm happy it's been conquered, but I feel like I shouldn't even look. I might still crack it on my own. Should I look? I don't think I'm going to yet.

@thelibrarian @neauoire congratulations it has been debunked that this person has not cracked it!

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