I need some new active folks to follow here. Can you recommend some non-shitposters for me to follow who fedi post on a regular basis?

@liaizon The AP active accounts (at least 1 post in the last 8 hours) I'm following #FF

In English:
- @starbreaker
- @trashHeap
- @jplebreton
- @kingu_platypus_gidora
- @silverwizard
- @Angle
- @LogicalDash
- @aral

In French:
- @notabene
- @jcfrog
- @mereteresa
- @skynebula

- @timecowboy
- @Chrishallbeck

@hypolite hey thanks! I followed all your english friends here!

Maybe I just need to go through and unfollow some shitposters that I am already following who are diluting my feed.

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