I had more interactions here on the fedi when there were only a few thousand of us...

@fnord I wish it was much much much bigger! It's just interesting how the dynamics change. I wish to have more "social" interactions with "strangers"

I thing going out and attempting RL will always be better then anything online for that.

@fnord I don't consider this not real life. And the types of interactions you have in meatspace and in keyboard space are quite different.


I think that social networking with a shared goal or purpose would be more engaging.

@teknari @liaizon I think you're right, that's exactly what Mastodon was at its inception and got diluted with a larger audience.

@teknari @liaizon that's why we made merveilles. So we all share a similar set of topics. It feels more like a forum and intimate. I don't interact with people outside of our instance too much actually.

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