This seems like a chilling conversation for Americans:

@endomain The photographs are taken from state driver license databases, provided to the federal government under the REAL ID Act.

@moonman @endomain how the fuck do we live in this world. also this seems like its really easy to scam and maybe we can all just wear funny masks that make us look like pilots and get free flights. waiting for "catch me if you can 2"

@liaizon @endomain Eben Moglen: "You cannot wear a hat in the Hong Kong airport anymore. I found out last month trying to wear my hat in the Hong Kong airport. You are not allowed. It disrupts the facial recognition."

We'll get that here too eventually, I'm sure if you wear anything on your face that disrupts the detectors, they simply won't let you fly.

@moonman @endomain Gonna start painting my face every time I fly. We will fuck up their databases eventually.

@moonman @endomain thats my friend! they are bad ass. I love that you just posted this picture...

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