hey @tootdon why do you have these trackers enabled?

I love your app but these trackers are fucked up.

@greenjon @tootdon yeah it sucks, I still use this app alot cause its the most stable iOS client I have found sadly.

@liaizon @tootdon Maybe you can block those trackers in your hosts file

@greenjon @tootdon yeah thats probably a good idea. though it may break other things if I do so. actually I don't think you can edit your host file on iOS can you?

@liaizon @tootdon Ah, actually I have no idea. I don't use any apple.

@greenjon @tootdon good for you. I am trying to slowly transition myself away. Still need to find a good used phone that has UBports support

@liaizon @tootdon It's been easy. I've always thought their hardware was stupidly overpriced and that their software was made for children.

I looked into UBPorts and some other rare OS's but IIRC I didn't find anything that supports B13 CDMA which is the only band that matters if you live in rural 'Merica. So I just use android pones with unlockable bootloaders and that's the best I can do.

If I had my way, my cell phone would be an 8" or 9" linux laptop, but I think such tech doesn't exist.
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