Omg after all that is abandoning . Thanks @lightone for pointing it out. I wonder if some other folks will take it on. It had a lot of promise if it was cleaned up a lot.

@switchingsocial It happens every couple of years, and I believe he’ll continue his work on Zap. Osada joins the graveyard of Mike’s project with Hubzilla, Friendica, RedMatrix and Mistpark that I know of.

@hypolite when you replied to @switchingsocial's reply to me did you delete my name? Just confused still about the different ways friendica does replies to mastodon.

@liaizon This actually is a WIP feature where the default would be to mention everyone who already has been mentioned (including you) but a "manual" mode would be like Mastodon's comment box mention pre-population.

At the moment it is in transitional step where apparently only the replied-to author is mentioned by default. I hope to be able to squash the remaining oddities by the end of the week on my node.


Mike starts projects and other continue it like you are doing with friendica

@tofeo Exactly, nothing wrong with that, and even less surprising coming from Mike.
Yes, new protocol with new improvements that are beyond the capacity of zot6.
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